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LT1 F-body and B-body fuel pump kit


Walbro makes many different fuel pumps.   Their latest series of pumps are called their Gen-II pumps.   They are a gear pump that can push an amazing amount of fuel.   The models that fit most GM vechiles are the GSS242, GSS307, and GSS340.   You may have also heard of the GSS242M, GSS307M, and GSS340M pumps.   They are the same pump with the inlet machined-down a few thousandths so certain filters will fit on the inlet.

For several years, folks have been stuffing those pumps into the fuel modules of LT1-powered F-body [Firebird / Camaro] and B-body [Caprice / Impala / Roadmaster] cars.   They weren't a direct fit, but if you trimmed a couple ribs out of the factory module, you could get the pump to fit.

In March 2004, Walbro introduced a version of the Gen-II pump with a new inlet.   The pickup was offset to one side, like many of the GM vehicles on the road.   The following photo shows the OE F-body pump, the GSS340 and the new F20000169 pump.

AC, GSS340, & new pump

This pump is currently only available in the high pressure 255 liter/hour version.   The popular GSS340M pump has been discontinued, so the kit I call FPG003 now contains the F20000169 pump and proper installation bag-o-bits for GM applications.


Once you get your module cracked-open, all you have to do is remove the rubber bushing off your OE pump and put it on the new Walbro pump... like this:

pump with OE bushing

Then slide the sort piece of foam sleeve over the top end of the pump.   Leave a bit above the aluminum body of the pump, so it will help you stuff the pump in to the module lid.   Attach the flex hose to the outlet of the pump with a hose clamp and snap the wiring adapter into the pump.   Now, push that up into the cover of the module.   That short section of foam sleeve will keep the top of the pump from rattling in the module cover.

Next, use your favorite fuel-resistant epoxy to seal the module back together.   After your epoxy cures, assemble the rest of the tank assembly.   Be sure to use a hose clamp on the other end of the flex hose.

Another good thing about this new kit is that the pickup filter that comes in the kit will fit on the bottom of the LT1 module.

Order Info

The F20000169 pump and installation bag-o-bits is what we call kit FPG169.   You can order that off the Applications Page.   You will probably also want the flex hose.   You'll find that on the Install parts page.   Or, just save yourself the trouble and click this button.

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